Final Fantasy XIII, one of the newest titles in the series.

Final Fantasy FAN Wiki. Everything Final Fantasy. Throughout the series, Final Fantasy has allowed us to embark on magical journeys, fight intense battles, find the true faces of evil, and become heroes each time. This site is dedicated to the Final Fantasy series and history, games, graphics, game play, the beautiful stories of the FF world, fan fictions and the very fans themselves.

Final Fantasy FAN Wiki. The Journey Begins Here.

The New Kids on the Block!Edit

Final Fantasy FAN Wiki was created on March 21, 2010.
We would like to begin our Wiki with a Mission Statement.
Final Fantasy FAN Wiki will provide a place for gamers and fans alike to discuss all things Final Fantasy, not just being limited to the game play. Art, music, literature, speculations, fan articles, fan fictions, the abstract ideas within the games, including the etymology and history, and of course, the story and characters.

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